Index - December 2010

Linguine with Spring Vegetables© by Haalo
Linguine with Spring Vegetables

Stem Ginger Cake© by Haalo
Stem Ginger Cake

Hindmarsh Valley Dairy Chevrotin© by Haalo
Hindmarsh Valley Dairy Chevrotin

Black Lentil and Speck Crostini© by Haalo
Black Lentil and Speck Crostini

Udder Delights Triple Cream Brie© by Haalo
Udder Delights Triple Cream Brie

Whisky Ginger Cake© by Haalo
Whisky Ginger Cake

Hibiscus Tea Poached Pears© by Haalo
Hibiscus Tea Poached Pears

baked camembert© by Haalo
Baked Camembert

King Island Limited Release Double Brie© by haalo
King Island Limited Release Double Brie

mistletoe tea© by Haalo
Mistletoe Tea

hidden orange christmas pudding© by Haalo
Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding


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